Asparagus densiflorus – Plant


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Asparagus is evergreen perennial plant in Liliaceae family. It is a round herbaceous and used in the landscape for its attractivefine-textured foliage. The structures that most refer to as leaves are actually leaf-like branchlets called cladophylls.


  • Asparagus densiflorus is an evergreen, herbaceous perennial plant producing erect or trailing stems up to 1 metre long from a tuberous rootstock.
  • This plant comes under the indoor plant category.

Plants Care:

  • This Plant stem can grow up to metre long
  • This Plant can grow in low sunlight as well
  • This plant can grow best in areas where annual daytime temperatures are within the range 21 – 27°c, but can tolerate 15 – 32°c
  • Mature plants can be killed by temperatures of -7°c or lower, although new growth can be severely damaged at 0°c
  • This plant can tolerates 700 – 1,700mm rainfall
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